What is a COVID secure yoga class? (Updated 22 May 2021)

Updated: May 25

Why so much info? For your safety and mine and to comply with both the law and the advice of my professional bodies. Please note this advice can be superseded at any time by new regulations so we will continue to follow the current guidelines. For information, I have had both of my vaccinations.


Consider whether the benefit of attending class outweighs the risk. Whilst it can be mitigated, the risk of COVID cannot be entirely eliminated in any activity we choose to engage in, whether that be a trip to the supermarket or a yoga class.

All classes must be pre-booked and prepaid online. No drop in students will be accepted.

Any pre-class consultations should take place online/via telephone prior to class.

If you or anyone you’ve been in close contact with has symptoms of COVID, please notify me and do not attend class. I will offer you the online class so you can practise at home and offer the space to a fellow student seeking to swap classes that week.

Because we practise yoga on the floor, the floor will be cleaned before and after each class, along with key touch points throughout the building.

I will solely handle the register and the information it contains will suffice for ‘track and trace’.


Classes will be scheduled to allow for the extra cleaning routines and socially distanced entry and exit procedures.

Please arrive and leave in your yoga clothing and do not get changed at the venue.

Leave as many personal belongings as you can at home or in the car and those that you must bring in, keep with you in your yoga practice space.

Bring your full yoga kit, clean it between classes and do not share it with anyone else.

Do not arrive more than 10 minutes early. If early, please wait in the car or in a socially-distanced queue outside.

I will direct you to your personal yoga practice area when you arrive which is two metres from anyone else in all directions.

Where possible, doors will be fixed open to minimise touch points and windows will be open to increase ventilation so please dress and bring blankets to layer up or down to adjust for temperature. I will also adjust my teaching to adapt to the changing temperatures. We may have an initial warm up rather than an initial relaxation.

Remove your shoes in the foyer and wash your hands every time you enter and leave the building and teaching area, or use the sanitizer provided.

You must arrive/leave and walk around the building wearing a face covering. Wearing a face covering during the yoga practice is currently optional.

Bring your own water to drink. The kitchen will be closed.

Please continue to socially distance when using the restrooms and use the provided disposable cleaning products to clean the taps, toilet seat and handles before and after use.


There will no hands-on adjustments.

Minimum kit is mat, block, blanket and strap. If you arrive without kit, there will be nothing provided for you. If you need new kit I can supply it if you notify me in advance.

We will not shut the curtains for relaxation and instead simply close our eyes.

If you feel unwell during the class, please inform the teacher, take your belongings, hand sanitise and leave. If you are too unwell to drive, I will contact your emergency contact so it's important that I have up to date information (requested on the booking form).


Students are to take all their belongings, hand sanitise and leave the class, being mindful to give space to other people. Please keep all socialising after class outside.

Should you be unwell after the class, please inform the teacher who can instigate ‘track and trace’. Most important!


Yes we must be sensible and abide by ‘hands, face, space’ but we will still have a lovely class and this too will pass… 😊

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