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All are welcome – regardless of age, ability, belief, body-shape, class, ethnicity, gender, nationality, neurotype, race, sexuality, religion or status (or anything else!). Just be nice 😊

Class sizes – classes allow enough space for each student to feel comfortable.

Community – there is a lovely sense of community in my classes. Some people just like to practice yoga quietly with other people around them, or in time, people often become friends.

Finances – I make my living teaching yoga, but please do talk to me if finances prevent you attending and I will endeavour to help.

Learning styles – verbal cues, demonstrations and time to explore the practices are offered to cater for differing learning styles.

Lighting – day classes are in daylight with curtains to reduce light if necessary, and evening classes are in soft low-level lighting.

Location accessibility – both the local halls I use have wheelchair accessible entry and toilets.

Music – I don’t use any music in my classes.

Scent – I don’t use scent in my classes.

Secular – there are no religious connotations in my classes.

Temperature – our halls are comfortably warm, not hot, for comfort.

Touch – I don’t offer a lot of hands-on adjustments, but where it’s useful, touch is always optional and consensual.

Variations – are offered to cater for ability, body-shape, injury, medical conditions, preferences and even just how you feel on the day.

“Yoga is for every-body – Happy Yoga Practice!”

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