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Yoga class etiquette

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

Dress modestly, comfortably and in layers to adjust for temperature and with bare feet (or non-slip yoga socks to practice and warm socks for relaxation).

Eat light before class. Bring water to class.

Keep the practice space clean and clear. Shoes and coats in foyer. Kit and valuables in with you.

Switch phones and smart watches to silent – even vibrate is loud!

Let me know of any illnesses, injuries, pregnancies, etc., before class begins.

If you arrive late, come in quietly, rest, and join in when ready.

First principle of yoga is kindness. Be kind to others – you never know what someone’s going through. And be kind to you – adjust your practice to your needs on the day.

Nobody has a ‘reserved space’ unless it’s due to safety or access needs so don’t worry about going in ‘Flossie’s space’! These are friendly classes.

You’re responsible for you; practice safely, move if you can’t see or hear and ask for help if you need it.

Be mindful of others; give space moving around and be quiet during relaxation.

If you develop a cough, roll to side, sit up and drink water. Remember people had ‘normal coughs’ before COVID – try not to panic or start a stampede! Nobody should be coming to class with a temperature, cold, flu or stomach bug, so they may just have a dry throat…

Relaxation is an essential part of yoga, and it is poor etiquette to leave before final relaxation. If you absolutely must leave before the end of a class (e.g., hospital appointment or feeling unwell), please talk to the teacher. If you have trouble relaxing – ask for help. It’s the best bit!

Inevitably problems will arise; a noise, or a practice you don’t like – use it as an opportunity to practice curiosity and inner peace!

Thank you for observing etiquette, attending regularly, notifying when absent and being friendly as it helps me to help you! Positive positive Google Reviews are always appreciated.😊

‘Happy Yoga Practice’!

*COVID continues to have its own etiquette. You never know what someone else is going through with their own health or caring duties. Hands (sanitise). Face (be kind if someone chooses to wear a mask). Space (space yourself arms-length away from others). Ventilate (windows open weather permitting, wear layers and bring a blanket!).

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